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International accounting and audit

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Scope of services

Due Diligence

Due Diligence procedures are carried out during pre-investment stage of M&A deals.

Due diligence procedures are carried out by a united team of financial, legal and tax consultants of “United Experts” Group.

Due diligence review deliverables generally comprise:

  • Management accounts prepared in accordance with application of major IFRS principles;
  • Summary of legal, tax, management and financial reporting risks;
  • Risk assessment, quantification and recommendations on risk mitigation;
  • Additional aspects to consider upon investment decision:
    • quality of management
    • potential synergetic effect
    • maintenance infrastructures
    • marketing policy

Financial statements and audit

We offer the following financial services:

  • Preparation of a full set of IFRS financial statements
  • Audit in accordance with ISA

Consulting and training

  • Quarterly IFRS conversion
  • IFRS accounting treatment of non-standard transactions and their effect on financial position and financial results
  • Assessment of system of internal controls and recommendations on improvements
  • IFRS accounting policy and chart of accounts
  • Setting up effective IFRS training for staff
  • Transition to IFRS

Subscription for financial consultancy services

We offer subscription for IFRS conversion services.

  • You can outsource preparation of quarterly/monthly IFRS reports, which comprises:
    • Transformation/conversion of Russian local GAAP accounting data to IFRS;
    • Consulting in the area of accounting for non-standard transactions and their effect on IFRS reports;
    • Setup of chart of accounts and accounting policy in accordance with IFRS.